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From medieval forts and castles to some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth, Your Destination Poland, will make your vacation in Poland a memorable trip.  Please visit our blog often to learn about all the fascinating things to see and do on your vacation in Poland.

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Main Market Square [Rynek Główny]  in Wroclaw, Poland

Destination Wroclaw: Poland's City of History

aerial view of wroclaw poland

A vacation in Poland would not be complete without a visit to Wroclaw, a city with a rich history, stunning architecture and a few whimsical surprises. One of the largest cities in Poland, Wroclaw has stood proudly for centuries, including an incredible recovery after the destruction of World War II. Wroclaw also has the incredible distinction of being nominated as the 2016 European Capital of Culture by the European Union. But you won't have to wait for 2016 to enjoy the beauty of this amazing city. I've shared just a sample of the wonders that abound in this charming place, and like all cities, they begin at its heart, the Market Square.

Wroclaw's Market Square (Rynek)

Founded nearly 800 years ago, Wroclaw's Market Square (called Rynek in Poland) is a bustling medieval market that is surrounded by colorful architecture, fine restaurants, and a staggering

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Christmas Markets in Poland

There are many things to see and do in Poland.  But if you are like me, you love to shop.  And Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year.  Dressed in decorative lights and holiday décor Poland comes alive at Christmas.  Christmas markets abound and the multitude of traditional and handmade Polish items that can be purchased is fun and exciting.

Old Town Market – Warsaw Christmas Festival

In the Old Town Square of Warsaw (Rynek Starego Miasta), you’ll be intrigued by the history surrounding you.  Originally built in the 13th and 14th centuries but totally destroyed during World War II, the Old Town Square was once the heart of Warsaw.  This square witnessed much history including citizen marches, celebrations and the passing of judgements on condemned citizens.  Rebuilt in the late 1940’s to replicate the style of buildings of the 17th and 18th centuries, this area features the original cobblestone streets, a statue of

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An Explosion of Color: Poland in Autumn

As the festive summer season winds to an end, the temperate days in Poland stretch well into September, claiming a scenic and calm Indian summer. It is this time when Poland’s natural beauty puts on a stunning and unforgettable show, exploding into vivid reds, yellows and oranges.

I enjoy bringing groups to Poland in the autumn not only for the natural beauty – though that is a true highlight, especially for the photographers among us – but also for the pleasant temperatures. Though I’ve written in this blog about the exciting summer and traditional holiday season – both spectacles to behold in my home country – one should not forget the “shoulder seasons” as Poland’s climate and foliage take center stage.

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See the Majestic Mountains of Poland

A couple looking at the mountains in Zakopane

Zakopane is Poland’s Natural Crown Jewel

With majestic, unspoiled and towering mountains, hundreds of kilometers of trails, incredible skiing and typical Polish hospitality, Zakopane is one of my favorite spots to bring our guests.

Those who are not from altitude will notice the rise as Zakopane is Poland’s highest city, situated at 2,460 feet (750 meters) above sea level. Zakopane is located in the far South of Poland. A quaint resort town, Zakopane is a popular tourist destination, but is home to less than 30,000 residents.

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Wigilia – Celebrate the Holidays in Poland

Polish Christmas Cookies

Wigilia – Celebrate the Holidays in Poland

Rich Cultural Experiences Await on our Polish Christmas Tour

Without a doubt, my favorite feature of YourDestinationPoland’s Polish Christmas Tour is the opportunity to share the beloved holiday traditions of my youth with our intimate group of clientele.

On our very special Christmas Tour, we celebrate Christmas Eve with a special holiday dinner, or Wigilia with our travel party. Before that beautiful and meaningful feast, the children in our group will participate in decorating a Christmas Tree with candies wrapped in brightly-colored foil.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine

Thumbnail photo of Saltmines in Poland

A Step Back in History: Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine


Four chapels carved out of rock salt, dozens of glistening statues, and a designation as a National Historic Monument make the Wieliczka Salt Mine a “can’t miss” attraction on your visit to Poland.

Built in the 13th Century, the mine continued to produce table salt until 2007, when it operated as one of the world’s oldest mines. Rich in both history and legend, the mine revels in Polish folklore and has found its place in popular music and literature.

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Visiting Krakow Poland

Picture of Krakow Poland

Polish Culture and History Abounds in the Main Square, Krakow (Rynek Główny)

Whenever I speak to someone about visiting Krakow, the first attraction that comes to mind is the Main Square, or  Rynek Główny. Named the “Best Public Space in Europe” by the Project for Public Life, the Main Square epitomizes the beauty, charm and character of Krakow.  Built as the cultural and financial heart of Poland in 1257, the massive gathering place remains one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe. Krakow’s hub is world-renowned for its festive street life as well as its rich and eventful history.

Cultural Festivals

Whether you visit in the spring, summer, fall or winter, the Main Square is home to numerous celebrations, festivals and cultural events. I like to bring guests  during the holidays to experience the incredible Christmas Bazaar or the largest New Year’s Eve party in Poland. The Christmas season hosts a colorful explosion when the city’s florists come together to decorate the Adam Mickiewicz Monument on Christmas Eve. The square plays host to the cultural Krakow Szopka Festival during the holiday season, featuring uniquely Polish interpretations of the Christian crib scenes.

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Welcome to Your Destination Poland Blog

Picture of Krakow Poland

Welcome to Your Destination Poland, a tour company wholly dedicated to providing fascinating, adventurous, cultural tours of the beautiful country of Poland.  Here on my personal blog, I will share with you the numerous must-see sights of Poland, the experiences no traveler should miss, cultural information about my native land and of course Poland travel information.

As a native of the small, country town of Miedzybrodzie - Bialskie, Poland, I am passionate about sharing Poland’s unique beauty, history and culture. Bringing years of experience in the American hospitality industry, I am excited about the opportunity to combine my unique professional experience with my personal passion and knowledge of Poland to offer unforgettable travel experiences for all our valued Your Destination Poland clients.

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