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Zakopane is Poland’s Natural Crown Jewel

With majestic, unspoiled and towering mountains, hundreds of kilometers of trails, incredible skiing and typical Polish hospitality, Zakopane is one of my favorite spots to bring our guests.

Those who are not from altitude will notice the rise as Zakopane is Poland’s highest city, situated at 2,460 feet (750 meters) above sea level. Zakopane is located in the far South of Poland. A quaint resort town, Zakopane is a popular tourist destination, but is home to less than 30,000 residents.


Zakopane is fondly called the “Tatras Mountains Gate” by my countrymen, who are as abundantly proud of this beautiful region as I am. Protected as a National Park and lesser-known than Western-Europe’s Alps, the Tatras are Poland’s highest mountain range and share many characteristics with their more famous cousins to the west. I always beam with pride as I watch our guests take in the natural beauty of the Tatras, and it is for this reason, as well as the abundance of outdoor activities available, that our Fascinating Poland Tour includes a three-day stay in the popular winter town.

For the skiers in our group, Zakopane is home to numerous well-respected ski resorts which have hosted such international competitions as the FIS World Ski Championship, the Nordic and Alpine Euripeon Cups and the World Universiade.Tourists enjoying zakopane

Also nestled in the picturesque setting is one of my favorite historical attractions. Surrounded by water and set atop an ancient limestone hill, Niedzica Castle is rich in history and folklore. In addition, the Castle is famously said to be haunted, with apparitions nightly, so it’s always a fun and spine-tingling trip for our guests. The structure that we tour on our Fascinating Poland Tour was built in 1325, replacing the former Dunajec Castle, from which the haunting legends come. Dunajec was said to be haunted by the ghost of an Inca princess named Umina who died defending her family’s treasure stored in the castle. Those adventurous members of our traveling party who wish to explore the haunted castle may enjoy sharing stories of haunting as we travel back to Zakopane.

Join us on our Fascinating Poland Tour to experience the character and natural beauty of one of Poland’s most beautiful regions.