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An Explosion of Color: Poland in Autumn

As the festive summer season winds to an end, the temperate days in Poland stretch well into September, claiming a scenic and calm Indian summer. It is this time when Poland’s natural beauty puts on a stunning and unforgettable show, exploding into vivid reds, yellows and oranges.

I enjoy bringing groups to Poland in the autumn not only for the natural beauty – though that is a true highlight, especially for the photographers among us – but also for the pleasant temperatures. Though I’ve written in this blog about the exciting summer and traditional holiday season – both spectacles to behold in my home country – one should not forget the “shoulder seasons” as Poland’s climate and foliage take center stage.


Colorful Forests 

poland waterfall autumn colors 2The natural landscape of Poland is rich in birch trees, marigolds, asters and mushrooms, springing their vivid golds, rich browns and bright reds in a goodbye to summer. As the cooler temperatures blow in on gentle breezes, tourists visit in smaller numbers and Baltic beaches return to their peaceful, natural state, the fall is a peaceful, pleasant and beautiful time to visit.

This is why offers its Fascinating Poland Tour in the fall.

Two National Parks of Note 

The Fascinating Poland Tour features visits to two of Poland’s most beautiful national parks, offering our clients close up experiences with Poland’s natural fall beauty. 

poland rock formationsFirst, “Ojcowski (Father’s) National Park,” spends its summers clothed in rich greenery. As fall hits, the colors explode with fall foliage wrapping stunning limestone rock formations and cliffs. As Poland’s smallest national park, only about one mile of its six heavily forested miles is strictly protected. A highly visited park due to its proximity to nearby Krakow, I like taking clients here in the fall, when crowds subside.

The second national park, Bledne Skaly (Errant Rocks) is renowned for its fairytale-like rock formations which served as a shooting location for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Rich lichen and birch forests cover the unique rock formations – some of which have their own names. Additionally, at almost 3,000 feet above sea level, the views of the Polish countryside from this protected National Park are breathtaking.

Unhurried Cities

Add this natural beauty to the slightly less harried tourist season, and the Fascinating Poland Tour is an excellent bet for fall touring. Contact us today to book your trip to Poland to experience its cities, attractions and unique fall beauty.