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Welcome to Your Destination Poland, a tour company wholly dedicated to providing fascinating, adventurous, cultural tours of the beautiful country of Poland.  Here on my personal blog, I will share with you the numerous must-see sights of Poland, the experiences no traveler should miss, cultural information about my native land and of course Poland travel information.

As a native of the small, country town of Miedzybrodzie - Bialskie, Poland, I am passionate about sharing Poland’s unique beauty, history and culture. Bringing years of experience in the American hospitality industry, I am excited about the opportunity to combine my unique professional experience with my personal passion and knowledge of Poland to offer unforgettable travel experiences for all our valued Your Destination Poland clients.

2015 Poland Christmas Tour

I am thrilled to be kicking off our first tours of Poland this year, during the 2015 Christmas season.   While Poland is beautiful any time of year, there is nothing more wonderful than experiencing a new city or country during the Christmas season. 

Our 2015 Poland Christmas Tour is a family adventure that is sure to create lasting memories.  On this very special tour you will experience the sights and sounds of Christmas in Poland.  Starting with the Christmas Market in Krackow where you’ll be able to buy traditional Polish gifts and foods for family and friends.  On Christmas Eve you’ll experience the many Christmas traditions including the decorating of the Christmas tree with freshly wrapped chocolates, sharing of the “Oplatek” Christmas wafer, also known as the sharing of bread, and Wigilia (pronounced [viˈɡilja]), the traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

The tour includes many beautiful landmarks of Poland as well, including the Royal Castle, Wawel Cathedral, the famous Salt Mine at Wieliczka, and the town of Koscielisko in the Tatra mountains.  During your stay you will enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride through the woods, traditional Polish Folk music, and a wonderful wood burning fire where we will indulge in traditional Polish Foods and beverages.

Christmas is such a magical time.  I invite you to book Polish Christmas Tour now for a once in a lifetime memory making experience. 

izabela photo 250Warmly,

Izabela Bigley

Owner – Your Destination Poland