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Picnic at Breakfast Market in Warsaw


Breakfast Market in Warsaw ; Africa Reggae Festival in Torun 


The Siege of Malbork Festival ; Andrzejki Party in November...



 One of the main characteristics of Polish sociaty is that it is just THAT - Polish people are highly social.  Some events happen exactly on the same date and others may vary.  If you plan to be in Poland and would like to be part of an event I would suggest you doubble check the exact date of the year in which you visit.



Festivals & Events part II


- Breakfast Market in Warsaw -  the Zoliborz neighborhood has something spectacular to offer.  Between May 6th and the end of September, every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00PM a perfect atmosphere is created to start the day.  Thousands of people, small and large gather together to share a breakfast or brunch with friends and family. This is a great place for meeting new people, having fun, listening to live music and creating friendships.  Locally grown and prepared foods of many kinds are ready to be purchased for your delight.  There are several locations.  Any time we wake up in Warsaw on Saturday morning during our “Castles & Palaces” Tour we will make sure to start our day at the Breakfast Market.  What would be a better way to start the day than sharing a meal with happy friends.                      



- Africa Reggae Festival -  At the begining of each year the medieval town of Torun is living by giving with it’s Reggae festival.  Profits for this event are dedicated to helping the poor in Africa.  So far through different Polish Humanitarian Organizations countries like Zambia, Kenya, Ruanda, Burundi, Sudan, Kongo and Tanzania received help.  The goal for 2017 is the realization of water project through the Polish Humanitarian Act in Southern Sudan.   If you happen to be in Torun on March 16th 2018 , please check their Facebook for details and take part in helping those in need while having some fun listening to good Reggae music.  

Reggae Festival


- The Siege of Malbork - Welcome to the medieval times!  Each year the last weekend of July the biggest medieval castle in the world is full of action for three days.  People of all ages are going back in time having fun experiencing the old world.  Staged battles between Polish Knights and the Teutonic Knights, crossbow tournaments, puppet theatre, food of the time, music and so much more creates a special kind of magic all around you.  Make sure to stop by and enjoy the atmosphere of ages past, share your memories with friends then do it again!


- Andrzejki - For centuries Divinations Night for single young ladies was done on the St. Andrew’s Night  in November.  Single men also have had their own fortunetelling on Nov. 24th the Eve of St.Catherine’s Day.  At that time everyone was looking for a potential mate.  As time went by, in today’s world singles have fun fortunetelling together on St. Andrew’s Day.  Today people gather together to dance, have a real feast before Advent and participate in fortunetelling games.  The most popular game at the party is pouring wax through a key hole into cold water, then once solid everyone would look and suggest what possibly could be the meaning of it’s shape.  I have always loved this particular party while living in Poland.