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Warsaw - The Hub of Central Europe

Warsaw - Old Town

 Warsaw - The capital of Poland.  We could say that Warsaw has many Faces.  With a blend of old and new architecture, today's Warsaw reflects various times of existance while portraying an impression of an enticing city. 




The Capital - where the new meets the old



Park Lazienkowski

To explore the capital, you will need more them a single day.  This ever - growing city has become a hub in central Europe for tourists, business and students from around the world.

The city has over seventy parks, one of the most popular being Park Lazienkowski.  One of the most beautiful parks not only in Poland but also in all of Europe.  Here on a Summer day you may listen occasionally to live concerts of Chopin and enjoy a gondola sailing.  It can take hours to walk through the park with its castles and palaces to explore.  Another popular park is Ogrod Saski (Garden Saski), one of the oldest parks in Warsaw.  Originally used by Polish kings, King August II Mocny opened it to the public in 1727.  It stays open year-round to this day.  Let's aslo not forget about beautiful well-crafted Wilanow Garden with it's stunning Baroque Palace which was a residence of King Jan III Sobieski.



There are plenty of museums in the capital to visit, wonderful places to learn about the history of Poland.  Because there are so many of them, I will only mention a few:


1. Do you like music? Then the museum of Frederic Chopin will be the place to visit, located in the Ostrogskich Palace, this museum can be experienced in several ways.  You can apply all your senses and that is what makes it a great place to visit including handicap people.  If you need to use a wheelchair there is a special access.  You can also have special assistance to meet you at the front of the museum.  On request, deaf visitors can watch a movie with sign language, and soundscape music can be played for the enjoyment of a blind person.  During a visit keep your eyes open for musical benches, there are fifteen of them spread all over Warsaw, all you have to do is sit down, push a button and enjoy the music of Frederic Chopin.


2. Do you like Science, especially Chemistry and Physics?  The Maria Sklodowska-Curie Museum will provide you with interesting information about her life journey and discoveries.  Maria Sklodowska-Curie the Polish Chemist and Physicist spoke five languages, studied in France and married a French Physicist.  She was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize twice.


3. Are you into Archaeology?  We have just the right place for you while in Warsaw.  The State Archaeological Museum will take you all the way back to the Ice Age.  This Museum is friendly to visitors of all ages, from young children to seniors.


4. Is history and art your passion?  Then you should not skip the National Museum in Warsaw.  This museum offers the Gallery of Medieval Art, the Gallery of 19th Century Art, the Gallery of 20th Century Art and the Gallery of Old masters Art.  The world gallery of Faras is also located here.  It is the winner of Sybilla Ground Prix 2014 and MUSE Awards ( American Alliance of Museums).


With Warsaw's charming Old Town and market square, the Royal Castle and Palaces, beautiful parks, rich history and several booming with life cafes there is no choice but to fall in love with the Capital of Poland. Rebuilt from ashes after World War II, Warsaw surprises those who visit for the first time.  It is our pleasure to show you Warsaw during our " Castles & Palaces" Tour.