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Peaceful Masuria Region in Poland

One of the Masurian Lakes


Masuria ( Mazury in Polish ) is the most peaceful and enchanting part of the Country with it’s natural wetlands.  The region occupies 20,000 square miles and is located in the North-East part of Poland.  




Masuria - Land of Lakes and Forests

The Masuria region contains thousands of lakes.  Many of the lakes are interconnected by rivers and canals allowing for smooth sailing from one lake to another.  This is a paradise for those who like to spend their time sailing, fishing and canoeing.  Several forests make up approximately 30% of the area.  This provides a beautiful area for biking or simply taking a stroll.  Hiking and camping are also part of life and enjoying this still pure nature. 

Many visitors like to call this region "The Longs of Poland".  Nature and wildlife lovers can especially appreciate the large protected lands and waters where they simply may observe the activities of many different species of insects, animals and birds.  People from all over the world visit here to witness the natural wonders of Masuria region and perhaps take that one unique photo reflecting the relaxing atmosphere.  Bird watchers are one of the wildlife enthusiasts visiting this region.  Storks also make their home here.  As you travel throughout the region, you can see several large Stork nests.  The locals always know that Spring is near when the Storks return.

During our "Castles & Places Tour" we make sure to expose you to this wonderful region of lakes and forests.


National Parks

National Park wetlands


 The region contains a few of many National Parks in the Country as well as Protected Biosphere Parks, many of them on the UNESCO list. Some of them are:

  • Biebrza National Park - protected by the Ramsar Convention.  This park is home to many species big and small.  Some of wildlife include: elk, deer, wolf, beaver as well as many different types of birds. Cranes among other birds come back each year to their nesting grounds taking advantage of the pristine wetlands.  Out of the 102 miles long Biebrza River, only six miles is excluded from the boundaries of the largest National Park in Poland.  Biebrza Marshes are unique not only in Poland, but also in Poland. Tourists can choose different way of exploring the park. They offer an educational trail, hiking trail, bicycle trail, kayaking trail and even a horse trail.


  • Luknajno Lake - protected by he Ramsar Site, is a Wetland of International Importance ( Unesco Biosphere Reserve ).  The lake is part of a larger protected area in the region called Masurian Landscape Park with it's eleven nature reserves.  This shallow lake is crucial for many species of water birds which use it as breeding grounds.


  • Wigierski National Park - with the country's deepest lake Wigry and several smaller lakes attached to it, creates the most astonishing ecosystem.  This park has 42 natural water reservoirs taking 10 square miles. Forested land takes a little over 60% of the park.  With lakes, forests and dry land, the park has hundreds of animals as residents.  The "Czarna Hancza River" is very popular for those who use a kayak as means of transportation.  This river flows through the park giving access to unique and unforgettable views of the area.