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The Art of Poland: The Raclawice Panorama in Wroclaw

A photo of the Raclawice Panorama

A vacation in Poland can be an art enthusiast's dream come true, particularly in the gorgeous city of Wroclaw, which offers the country's oldest and only remaining panoramic painting

—The Raclawice Panorama.


The Raclawice Panorama

Located in a beautiful park, the Raclawice Panorama is an awe-inspiring cycloramic painting and a beautiful piece of art that offers a glimpse of Polish history. Cycloramic paintings are enormous 360° masterpieces that are usually housed in buildings. The viewer stands in the middle of the room and is free to absorb the impact of the painting from every angle. Clever lighting and perspective, as well as the size of the artwork, give the viewer the feeling of being a part of the scene depicted.

A stunning and exceptional piece of art, the Raclawice Panorama is dates back to 1893. It is oil on canvas, which is all the more impressive when you learn that the painting is 15 meters high and 114 meters around, yet took only nine months to complete! It is one of the few panoramas in Europe, and the only existing one in all of Poland. It was painted by multiple artists, including well-known Polish artist Jan Styka and the notable artistic battle painter Wojciech Kossak.

The Art of Polish History

Panorama Raclawicka ParkThe finely detailed art of the Raclawice Panorama depicts one of the many conflicts in Polish history and its quest for independence. The panorama displays the 1794 Battle of Raclawice during the Polish rebellion against Russia, known as the Kościuszko Uprising. Art lovers will enjoy the incredible attention the collaborative artists made to each minute detail. History buffs will find a small rotunda with all sorts of fascinating facts about the battle and the uprising, as well as maps and other imagery!

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